What Makes a Good Web Site: Survey Responses

Lynn Siprelle:

Tom Ricciardi:
Here are some random criteria for a good Web site:

Here's my most hated characteristic in a Website:

Peyton Stafford:
My only comment about good web page design is:

Stanford Davis:

Mike Pritchard:

Virginia Bruce:

  1. Attractive but fast-loading
  2. Intuitive interface, shouldn't need instructions
  3. Front page should not be more than 1 1/2 screen - should lead to more detail
  4. Keep user in mind for each decision
  5. Degree of interactivity and graphics needs to grow out of needs of client -- a band doesn't want the same kind of page as a business service.
  6. No spelling errors!!
  7. Don't use graphics or animations as decoration unless you're just showing off your graphic capabilities, use them to illustrate and add value to the site.

Kelly Ford:
My definition of "good" has accessible as a major part of it. I say this because in looking at the web since you mentioned this discussion, I've thought about the web sites I access. I have little idea how visually appealing they are. I prefer web sites that expand my ability to get at information be that information that most can get from someplace else, or new information.

Terry Brainerd Chadwick:
A number of considerations go into the design of a good Web site. A few of these are:

  1. You should be awere of who your intended audience is and how they use the Internet.
  2. It is important to design sites that are readable and useable to those who have five year old computers as well as those running state of the art machines.
  3. Design your site to look good across a variety of browsers and browsing habits.
  4. A lot of people surf the Web without graphics, so provide text alternatives for your images.
  5. The graphics you use should be relevant, small, and load fast.
  6. Keep in mind that search engines read text not graphics, so give your pages some descriptive text (even if it is the alternative text for graphics) so people can find you when they search. Use the Title and Heading fields for descriptive/keyword text as well, since those fields get a heavier weighting in most search engines than narrative text.
  7. And beware of blinking text, scrolling text, and endless-loop animations. Not only can they get annoying very fast, but the ones that keep accessing the system, either the remote system or the user's hard disk -- can slow, freeze, or even crash the user's computer.


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