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General Business Resources

  • Resources for Economists on the Internet
    By Bill Goffe. A great compendium of business resources that covers US and non-US government resources, financial markets information, economic forecasts, working papers, bibliographical databases, online journals and newsletters, economic societies and associations, academic and non-academic research organizations, educational and job information, newsgroups and mailing lists, and much more. Updated periodically.

  •'s Electronic Commerce Guide
    This site site contains current news and a collection of electronic commerce resources on the Internet. It contains product reviews, opinions and trends, and resources, as well as a newsletter that you can subscribe to for keeping up with the latest in the field.

  • Inc., Online
    The site has information from the magazine, as well as management tips, the virtual consultant, business-related Internet resources, how to get a website on Inc. Online, and much more.

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Company Information Resources

  • Hoovers Online
    This site provides free capsules of basic information about 10,000 companies plus more indepth and historical information for a small fee. The free capsules include company name, address, phone, fax, website, brief description, key personnel, fiscal year end, number of employees and one year employee growth, sales and one year sales growth, income and one year income growth, links to stock quotes and the StockMaster Stock Chart, top competitors, and links to SEC reports and current news.

  • Corporate Information
    This site contains a list of other sites that offer information about companies, and is organized by country. You can search by company name for over 250,000 company profiles worldwide.

  • Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
    This site has information on industrial products and services from more than 155,000 US and Canadian companies. (free but registration required.) One drawback to this resource is that you can only look at the information one company at a time.

  • SEC Filings
    • Securities & Exchange Commission (Edgar)
      This site contains the full text of annual, and other, reports of U.S. public companies, including IPOs, quarterly reports, and stock holdings changes.

    • 10K Wizard
      This fee-based website covers all SEC filings. Unlike the government's Edgar site, you can search the full text of the filings for information. You can search the database free, but to actually get any of the filings you must subscribe. The costs are $20 a month or $37.50 a quarter or $99.95 a year, subject to change.

    • EDGAR Online
      This fee-based service provides real time access to SEC filings, full-text search capabilities, formatting control, alert services, access to the complete EDGAR database back to 1994, and much more. The cost is as little as $9.95 per month. There is also a free section that provides access to historical filings with a 24-72 hour delay.

  • Public Register's Annual Report Service (PRARS)
    PRARS provides free annual reports to US addresses for 3600 participating US public companies. You can search alphabetically or by industry, and can ask for all reports for an industry with a simple checkmark. PRARS also offers expanded information about their clients, including press releases, financial profiles, StockMaster stock quotes and charts, SEC filings, annual reports, and links to their websites. You can get 24 hour, or non-US, service for a fee.

  • Investor Relations Information Network
    This site has companies' annual reports, quarterlies, fact books and press releases in their original format. All files are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Companies sign up to be included so this site doesn't have the scope of the SEC or PRARS site, having only about 80 companies listed at review time.

  • US Patent and Trademarks Office
    The USPTO site offers full-text access, including images, to US patents and images. Though the full-page images are not directly viewable using many Web browsers, since they are in 300 d.p.i. Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), the site does provide links to software plugins so the images can be viewed. The Patent full-text and bibliographic databases cover the period from 1 January 1976 to the most recent weekly issue date. The Trademarks database provides access to the trademark text data currently available on two of the PTO Cassis CD-ROM products: Trademarks Registered and Trademarks Pending. Like the CD-ROM products, this text will be updated on a two-month cycle. Images will be added as they become available.

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General Business Resources Company Info Business News Financial/Investment Market Research Small Business Knowledge Management InfoQuest! Home

Business News

  • PR Newswire
    This is a company press release service. You can look at the current day's press releases, check for current information by company name, and look at press releases by industry. There are also a number of fee-based services including access to a number of investment profile databases.

  • Business Wire
    This is a company press release service that generally offers information on different companies than PR Newswire. It offers today's news, news by company and industry, as well as a number of other value-added resources.

  • News Link
    This is a general news site sponsored by the American Journalism Review that has links to US and international newspapers, magazines, newswires, broadcasting, cable, radio, and other news resources.

  • American City Business Journals
    This site contains information from 39 city Business Journals around the US. There are searchable free articles from current and past issues, and some fee-based materials, including the Book of Lists for each city which contains the top 25 or 50 business in a wide number of industry categories.

  • Forbes Digital Tools
    This site is much more than the electronic version of the magazine. It includes a wide variety of calculators; the Forbes lists; mutual fund, small business, and career centers; surveys; and much more.

  • Oregon Business
    This website for Oregon Business magazine contains the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon.

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General Business Resources Company Info Business News Financial/Investment Market Research Small Business Knowledge Management InfoQuest! Home

Financial and Investment Resources

  • Wall Street Research Net
    This site contains thousands of links to financial and investment-related websites. There are sections on researching a company and the economy, stock screening, on the markets, mutual funds, earnings, IPOs, brokers and services, research publications, and much more. You can search for stock quotes P/E ratios, growth criteria, the most recent economic releases, etc.

  • MultexInvestor
    This site, formerly Market Guide, provides financial and investment information for US publicly traded companies. The company overviews are free with registration and include company snapshot, business description, officers & directors with biographies, options and compensation, ratio comparisons, quotes and charts, institutional ownership, highlight report, earnings estimate, income statements, quarterly and annual balance sheets, insider trading, significant developments and press releases. Most of the analyst reports are fee-based, although a certain number are free.

  • Yahoo Financial
    This site has the market closings, latest market and financial news, stock chat, auto and mortgage rates, Motley Fool, currency exchange rates, financial glossary, international quotes, futures, mutual funds, and much more. You can create your own portfolios and track 30 stocks and other financial information through My Yahoo.

  • Bloomberg Online
    The Bloomberg site has sections that are free and open to all, and others that are restricted to their magazine subscribers. The open sections include information about world markets including world equity indices, foreign exchange, international yeild curves, muni bond yields, top US mutual funds, and US most active, gainers, losers, etc.; Bloomberg News; Financial analyses including a mortgage calculator, future education cost calculator, financial resources on the web, etc.; Bloomberg Energy; Bloomberg Media Network; and more.

  • The Syndicate
    Bill Rini runs this site which is one of the oldest, continuously operated investment related websites on the internet. This site is divided into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, finance, and brokers corner sections. There are a lot of links to good financial sites, a brokering firm report card, the FAQ, a weekly financial opinion question that you can responde to, and much more.

  • Investor Relations NetSources
    By Rein Nomm and Associates, Inc., this site contains links to investor relations websites, securities law resources and SEC filing forms, financial media online, investment bankers and securities brokers online, financial mailing lists, tips on making an effective annual reports, how to prepare an IPO, and more.

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
    The NYSE site has sections on market information with closing prices, market summary, and a data library; the international view; investor protection; and links to the websites of the listed companies listed on the exchange.

  • NASDAQ/American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
    This site lets you get quotes for NASDAQ, AMEX, and the NYSE. and

  • Standard & Poors S&P Index
    The site has the daily closing prices and total return of the S&P 100, S&P 500, MidCap 400, SmallCap 600 and Supercomposite 1500. The site also has the S&P 500, listed by industry and alphabetically; the components and alphabetical list of the S&P 100; the MidCap 400 and SmallCap 600 listed both alphabetically and by industry; and the S&P/Barra value and growth lists. The S&P ratings service is available at another site.

  • Finance
    This Swiss site has a list of exchanges on the Internet, financial yellow pages, futures and options database, as well as lots of links, and a guided tour, to financial site, organizations, and associations on the 'Net. The site also has a glossary of financial terms in English, French, German, and Italian.

  • Big Charts
    This site offers free intraday and historical (back to 1988) charts, quotes and research on over 34,000 stocks, mutual funds, and indices. There is a Big Movers section for NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ, that shows stocks with the largest gains and losses in price and volume and stocks hitting new 52 week highs and lows. There are also Big Picture and Big Markets sections for each of the Exchanges. The site offers stock screening and a number of custom user options.

  • Global Financial Data
    This fee-based site offers current and historical Data for the United States and over 150 countries, including Stock Markets from 1690, Exchange Rates from 1590, Interest Rates from 1700, Commodities from 1500 and Inflation from 1264. You can order by individual files ($10-$50) or the entire database ($1000-$1500; $7500 for the entire set) and the data will be delivered to you in a variety of digital formats, usually within 24 hours of order.

  • FinanceHub Venture Capital on the Web
    This site has lists of venture capital firms and consultants, as well as information on how to get venture capital, and other related resources.

  • TradingDay
    This site allows investors to research stocks and mutual funds by ticker symbol by entering a symbol and gatting a comprehensive list of links to high quality content from around the web including quotes, analysts, charts, insiders, financials, news, profiles, short interest, splits & dividends, and technical charts.

  • FundAlarm
    This non-commercial website is designed to help investors decide when to buy and sell mutual funds.

  • Bank Rate Monitor
    Bank Rate Monitor surveys more than 2500 institutions in 177 markets throughout the 50 United States and provides weekday updated rates for mortgages, home equity loans, savings, credit cards and checking accounts, ATM fees and online banking fees. It has rates for Certificates of Deposits (CDs) that can be selected by type, time and amounts of the CD and sorted by yield, rate or name. You can find credit cards available by type (gold, rebates, best bets for the next year) and location. Similar features are available for bank loans, auto loans, and mortgages.

  • FinanCenter
    This is a personal finance site that covers homes, autos, credit lines, credit cards, budgeting, saving, insurance, investing, and retirement. They have more than 100 calculators and advisory reports for loans, mortgages, interest rates, etc.

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Market Research Resources

  • MindBranch
    Mindbranch, formerly the Publications Research Group, is a leading distributor of research reports. You can search for and obtain reports from BCC, Euromonitor, the Financial Times, Frost & Sullivan, Zona Research, Jupiter, ActivMedia, Reuters Business Insight, and 170 more companies.

  • International Market Research (IMR) Mall
    This site contains market research reports from Freedonia, BCC, Find/SVP, Euromonitor, and Beverage Marketing, and Quest Economics. You can search titles or content for reports, view the table of contents, and purchase them in whole or by chapter online.

  • Investext
    The Investext Group, part of Thomson Financial Securities Data, provides company, industry and market analysis reports (more than 2.3 million reports in its database) from over 930 investment banks, market research firms, and trade associations worldwide. There are a number of ways to access these reports, including Investext's own Research Bank Web, a web-based delivery service. Research Bank is divided into four collections: Investment research from more than 620 firms, MarkIntel Market Research from 145 market research publishers, Industry Insider Trade Association Research from more than 202 trade organizations, and Morning Meeting Notes generated from the morning investment strategy meetings of the top investment banks. Reports are also available through a number of third-party services including search engine service Northern Light that doesn't require a subscription to purchase the reports.

  • NUA Internet Surveys
    This company is a internet market research mega-site that has a searchable database of Internet reports and surveys from around the world. It is searchable by subject, geography, and date, with subjects including advertising, demographics, email, automotive, infrastructure, online communities, and much more. NUA also offers a weekly email newsletter, Internet Surveys that describes the newest surveys that you can subscribe to on the site.

  • Gartner Group Interactive
    The Gartner Group is a leading information technology market research consulting firm. It has a wide variety of services, including journals and newsletters, which can be subscribed to and are available online. You can search the contents of the Gartner and DataQuest research reports and order them online. Reports range in price from about $700 to more than $5000.

  • METAGroup
    The META Group is a leading research and consulting firm, focusing on information technology and business transformation strategies. Although it is a subscription-based service, you can sign up as a free subscriber and receive newsletters on a variety of topics, access to selected reports and audio files, and purchase other reports.

  • Giga Information Group
    Giga is a leading information technology advisory firm that provides objective research, pragmatic advice and personalized consulting. Although almost all of the site is for subscribers, Giga does have an online store where you can purchase selected reports.

  • International Data Corporation (IDC)
    IDC provides reports on markets, trends, products, vendors, and geographies for the information technology industry. You can search this site for information found in IDC reports, newsletters, bulletins, and the IDC Flash and see abstracts, the tables of contents, price of the full report, and can order it online. Topics covered by IDC include Internet, wireless, data communications, networking, telecommunications, vertical markets, enterprise systems, electronic commerce, society and cyberspace, IT and banking, etc.

  • Find/SVP
    Find/SVP provides a wide range of research and business intelligence services, including reports about a wide range of consumer products, industrial products, technology forecasts, health care, financial services, and more. They have a Quick Consulting Service where you can ask a research question and they will get back to you with an answer for a fee of $250.

  • is a leading provider of global market intelligence reports, with more than 40,000 research publications from over 350 leading consulting and advisory firms.

  • Frost & Sullivan
    Frost & Sullivan provides market research reports for a very wide variety industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, chemicals & materials, aerospace and defense, transportation, environment & energy, electronics, information technology, consumer, and industrial manufacturing. You can search the database and pull abstracts, brochures, and press releases about the reports, and get information about ordering the reports. This is the place to look for reports on air compressors, data acquisition systems markets, European pharmaceutical intermediates market, peptide therapeutics, paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, and much more. Reports tend to cost in the $2500-$5000+ range.

  • Forrester Research
    Forrester analyzes emerging technology change and its impact on business, consumers, and society and produces time sensitive leading edge reports on internet commerce, corporate technology, and consumer attitudes towards technology. As a guest you can search or browse the reports for brief summaries, but, with a few exceptions, the full reports are only available to subscribers.

  • Euromonitor
    Euromonitor focuses on market research and business intelligence for the European consumer markets in areas including alcoholic and soft drinks, cosmetics and toiletries, domestic electric appliances, food, healthcare, household cleaning, and retailing. You can search for reports by keyword from the title, table of contents, or text, or view a list of new reports with short summaries. You need to register with a credit card to download the reports online.

  • Business Communications Company (BCC)
    BCC publishes Business Opportunity Reports, Newsletters and Magazines in the fields of biotechnology, energy, telecommunications, chemicals, separations, engineering and food processing. You can browse the resources by topic or search by keyword, read abstracts and tables of contents, and order online. Reports cost in the $1500 to $4000 range.

  • The Freedonia Group
    This company does industrial research and publishes more than 100 reports annually. Recent reports are on solvents, smart cards, construction chemicals, recreastional vehicles, cosmetics and toiletry chemicals, world batteries, roofing, adhesives, etc. You can search or browse for reports online, and may download them for US$25 a report after registering with a credit card.

  • Jupiter Communications
    This company focuses on internet and electornic-related markets and market research. The site can only be accessed by registered users, but there is free guest registration that allows you to search the full database and see overviews of some reports.

  • Killen & Associates
    This company produces a wide range of telecommunications, information technology, and Internet-related reports. You can view summaries and the tables of contents of the reports free. Full reports are available by subscription.

  • Simba Information
    Simba provides a variety of internet and electronic marketing-related research reports.

  • Cahner's In-Stat Group
    Providing research services for technology-related companies, Cahner's site offers abstracts and tables of contents of its reports, which can be purchased online.

  • USAData
    This firm provides consumer profile data by geographic segment as well as broader marketing, advertising, company, and consumer behavior research reports and mailing lists. Data is available in the following areas: Automotive, Home Improvement, Banking & Finance, Internet Usage, Beverages, Lifestyle Connect Target, Business Supplies & Services, Media, Cellular Phones, Restaurant, Computers (Home/Personal), Shopping (Retail, Grocery), Demographics, Sports, Entertainment/Leisure, Telephone Usage, Expenditures (Advertising), Travel, Health Care, and Voting. You can browse or search by subject and search by geographic area. You can view sample files and place orders online, though the majorreports can not be directly downloaded. USAData does have some interesting reports available free on the website; recent ones including a topline demographic profile for the top 60 markets, internet user leisure activity profiles for the top 60 markets, and MRI data on financial banking, domestic beer, home remodeling expenditures, and telephone accessories.

  • InSight Research Corporation
    The Insight Research Corporation provides comparative market research and competitive analysis for the telecommunications industry. It's market and consumer telecom research reports cover the full spectrum of telecommunications, including Access, ATM, Billing & Customer Care, Broadband & Switching, Callback, Consumer, Data Networking, Directory Assistance, E-Commerce, Fiber Optics, Intelligent Networks, Internet & IP, Local, Long Distance, Multimedia, Operations Support Systems, Payphones, Private Line, Resale, Residential, SONET, Vertical Markets, Video Services, and Wireless. You can subscribe to NewsFirst Telecom, InSight's free electronic newsletter, in order to keep up with InSight's most recent research and some of its findings.

  • Harris Interactive
    Known for the Harris Poll, this firm provides research reports in a wide variety of areas. It's Harris Poll Online gives internet users a chance to respond to some of its polls and surveys.

  • Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)
    IRI is a leading consumer market research firm that collects data from checkout line bar code scanners at 32,000 supermarkets, drugstores, mass merchandisers, and convenience stores. Its InfoScan service, a store tracking service, provides customers (primarily packaged goods manufacturers) with consumer insight, market intelligence, and analytical software tools. The company also gathers consumer behavior data from more than 65,000 households and surveys households for its test marketing services. IRI provides international data services covering over 20 countries, with data delivered in consistent formats and supported by an international service team. Although its research is reserved for clients, some data from its studies are available through the company's press releases.

  • ACNielsen
    ACNielsen, a VNU company, has 21,000 employees worldwide and is the world's leading market research firm, providing measurement and analysis of marketplace dynamics, consumer attitudes and behavior, and media in more than 100 countries. ACNielsen compiles data from retail store scanners and audits and through its consumer panel of 135,000 households. The company also monitors TV and radio audiences in 18 countries outside the US, measures motion picture ticket sales in a dozen countries, and sells decision support software targeted to retailers, manufacturers, and marketers. ACNielsen at a Glance Retail Measurement provides continuous tracking of consumer purchases at the point of sale through scanning technology and in-store audits. Clients receive detailed information on actual purchases, market shares, distribution, pricing, and merchandising and promotional activities. Nielsen has a lot of consumer information available free on its several websites, including Consumer Insight Magazine, Weekend Boxoffice Results,, which presents Internet properties and demographic statistics from Nielsen//NetRatings and related Nielsen services, and Nielsen Media Research.

  • Market Facts, Inc.
    This leading consumer market research firm was founded by marketing pioneer William O'Dell in 1946 and was bought by UK-based Aegis Group in 1999. Its services include brand tracking, concept testing, employee satisfaction reporting, product testing, and sales forecasting. Productgs include BrandVision (brand and advertising tracking), Data Gage (consumer sampling), and eNation (online consumer questionnaires). Market Facts provides its Research on Research articles on market research methodology free to the public after registration.

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Small Business Resources

  • Small Business Administration (SBA)
    Information about the SBA's programs as well as links to excellent business resources on the 'Net.

  • Chamber of Commerce International Directory
    This is the searchable International Chamber of Commerce and City-State-Province Directory. You can search by Chamber name, city, or state or province.

  • Small Business Resource Center
    Sponsored by SeaQuest, this site has free reports on how to set up a business in general, how to set up specific kinds of businesses, and how to run a business more effectively. It also has a catalog of publications you can order to help you with your business, and links to other small business resources.

  • More By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs
    This site has a small business primer, weekly business tips, information on how to build your own website, financing guide, a list of upcoming tradeshows, a list of the best franchising opportunities, marketing and management centers, tax tips, business news, templates for business and marketingplan plans, agreements and press releases, and other information of interest to entrepreneurs.

  • Small Business Knowledge Base
    This is a very good site with easy to understand information for beginning and learning entrepreneurs. It includes information on starting a business, financial management, internet business, sales & marketing, personnel management, general mangement, personal skills, international trade, buying a business, and inspirational anecdotes and platitudes to keep you going.

  • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
    This organization provides services and assistance to women business owners. The website describes the services and has a members only area offering many resources.

  • Center for Business Women's Research
    This site was founded by the National Foundation for Women Business Owners (NFWBO). Besides information about the organization, this site contains statistical facts about women in business, summaries of their research reports and information about ordering the reports, and links to women business owners' sites.

  • Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM) - World Association of Women Entrepreneurs
    FCEM is an international women's business organization with 29,000 business owners and members in 35 countries representing corporate, academic, government, education, agriculture, commerce, manufacturing and service industries.

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