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Selected Internet Resources for the Pulp and Paper Industry
Terry Brainerd Chadwick
Updated January 4, 2001


Pulp and Paper Resources

Pulp and Paper.Net Home Page
This site's goal is to make pulp and paper producers' jobs easier by putting them closer to the information they need, and it does just that. The sections include a searchable database of suppliers and products, job opportunities, tradeshow listings, links to other pulp & paper resources on the Internet, and Business News that covers the Walden's North American Pulp and Paper Report, European Pulp and Paper, and Pulp and News Service.

The market segments covered in the Suppliers and Products section are: Process Support Equipment, Pulping and Bleaching, Process Control Formation, Environmental, Pressing and Drying, Transportation and Shipping, Paper Machine Clothing, Auxiliary Goods and Services, Chemicals and Additives, Engineering and Maintenance Solutions, Finishing and Converting, and Power and Recovery.

The Pulp and Paper Jumplist contains links to paper schools, research organizations, paper manufacturers, suppliers to the industry, paper industry publications, professional organizations, enviromental resources, and industry service providers. The site has a free newsletter, PulpandPaper.netLetter. The site also contains selected topics from the industry discussion group misc.industry.pulp-and-paper. You need to register (free) to make full use of this site.

Pulp and Paper Home Page: Paper Industry Publications & Events
This web site is sponsored by Pulp and Paper Magazine and is primarily a sales site. The site contains descriptions, order forms, and tables of contents for Pulp and Paper Magazine, Pulp & Ppaper Week, Project Report, Paper Recycler, Wood Report, Pulp & Paper Forecaster, Papertree Letter, the 1996 Lockwood-Post's Directory of The Pulp, Paper and Allied Trades, and a number of industry reference books, & market studies. The site also contains a Calendar of Events with descriptions and sign-up information for a number of industry-related conferences.

Pulp & Paper Newsgroup
The main discussion group for the Pulp & Paper industry is misc.industry.pulp-and-paper. Topics have included slabbing paper off of rolls, chip usage calculations, printability testing, using hardwood BCTMP in tissues and papers, dosing point for a dry-strength additive, and many related topics discussed by people working within the industry.

Industry Link: Pulp & Paper
This page contains very good links to major pulp and paper resources and to the web sites of companies involved in the pulp and paper industry.


Pulp & Paper-related Forestry Resources

Forest Pro
This site contains information related to the global forest products industry with sections on the forest, logging & harvesting, wood products, pulp & paper, and global forest information. The sections are organized by associations, consultants, contractors, distributors, manufacturers, industry publications, financial services, original equipment manufactureres, and other products & services. The company information leads to the web sites of companies in the industry.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Forest Products Page
This site contains a very extensive list of forestry and pulp & paper links with commentary about their value. The pulp and paper section has links to universities and research organizations, professional organizations, pulp & paper manufacturers, and other commercial industry-related sites. The site also links to other sites that contain profiles of companies in the industry. Webmaster Jeff Lindsay also has a paper industry web page that is full of great links.

Forestry Industry Network
This is a commercial site that advertises that it can show forest industry companies how to make more money. While it contains links to its advertisers and supporting companies, it also contains a lot of useful information, including: classified ads for lumber and lumber equipment sales, contractor and suppliers directories, official web site of the Oregon Logging Conference, forest company directory, and much more.

This commercial site features information about and articles from a number of forest industry-related magazines, including Logging & Sawmill Journal, Forest Products Equipment Magazine, and Southern Hemisphere Forest Industry Journal. It also contains information on companies and organizations including National Fire Fighter Corp., Miller Timber Services, Universe Machine Corporation, Salvage Logging, Chinawood, etc.

World Timber Network
This site includes an index of forest products organizations and associations world-wide, forest products news as supplied by industry organizations and associations themselves, press releases, and information on the environmental programs of the world's timber trade organizations.

FAO Forestry Site
This site contains information about the Food & Agriculture Organization's Forestry programs and publications. You can search the FAOSTAT database for statistics about the forestry and pulp & paper industry. And you can read articles from Forest Harvesting Bulletin.

US Forest Service
This Forest Services site has information on publications, maps, news, reports and other information.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Forestry
This is an annotated list of forestry resources that covers working groups & networks, bibliographies, research papers & publications, databases, discussion groups, conferences & meeting, legislation & international agreements, forest policy, and much more.

Steve Shook's Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science, & Marketing
This directory covers information on academic & research organizations; commercial service providers; internet mailing lists; financial & industry statistics (including pulp & paper); manufacturers, equipment & distributors; associations, councils & professional societies; online & offline publications; forest products certification & sustainability; marketing information related to forest products; and other forest products related indexes. The site has a nice list of pulp & paper manufacturers and links to their home pages.


Pulp and Paper-Related Environmental Resources

US Environmental Prodtection Agency
Besides describing the programs and publications of the EPA, this site contains links to environmentally relevant federal legislation.

Society of Environmental Journalists
This is a service of the Society of Environmental Journalists and contains annotated links to environmental internet resources. There are sections on forests, chemicals and toxicology, water pollution, pollution prevention & remedies, and other information that may be of interest to those in the pulp & paper industry.

EnviroLink Library
The EnviroLink Library contains many environmental resources that can be searched in many ways: by keyword, alphabetically, and by broad subject area. The government links cover US state and federal and some international environmental resources.

The Environmental Protection Compendium: The Pulp Mill and Pulp and Paper Mill Liquid Effluent Control Regulation
These regulations are part of the British Columbia Waste Management Act.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Environment
This site leads to subsites on Biodiversity & Ecology, Earth Sciences, Energy, Environmental Law, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Oceanography, and Sustainable Development.

OSHA Standards & Related Documents
OSHA offers this searchable index to their standards, information posted in the Federal Register, compliance assistance, standard interpretations, and other OSHA information.


Special thanks to Eva M. Lang for graciously giving me her list of pulp and paper and forestry URLs. She made my job a lot easier.


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