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Career Planning Resources

The first two sites in this section focuses on career development for librarians and information professionals. The next three sites are general career development resources sites that provide organized links to lots of other career-related websites. The final three websites in this section are examples of career development and life planning companies who also have published books on the subject.

Your Dream Work: using your library skills in non-traditional ways
Librarians in the New Millennium, Oregon Chapter of the Special Libraries Association Desktop 2001 Conference, February 8, 2001.
This online conference session was about ways to use librarian skills outside traditional environments. The web page has a bibliography and list of web resources related to the subject.

Market Yourself Online!
This article -- in MLS (Marketing Library Services), Volume 15, No. 7, Oct./Nov. 2001 -- is condensed from several chapters of The Information Professional's Guide to Career Development Online by Rachel Singer Gordon and Sarah L. Nesbeitt. The article outlines a number of ways that information professionals can enhance their careers, including forming your online network, creating your online resume, designing your professional website, and promoting all your skills online.
To order the book, you can contact Information Today, Inc. at 800-300-9868. (ISBN: 1-57387-124-9, $29.50)

Career Resource Library
by America's CareerInfoNet. This page has many career development links organized into these categories: Employment Trends and Projections, General Career Sites, Search Engine Career Pages, and Work and Life Issues.
This site has career guides, self-assessment tests, career exploration links, resumes and interviews, & much more.

Career Planning at
This is another comprehensive resource that has sections on assessment tests, job loss, for women only, job success, legal issues, salaries, resumes and interviews, and much more.

CareerMakers is an Oregon firm that provides an intensive 50-hour career planning/transition seminar with lifetime followup, one-on-one career consulting, support groups and alumni services. Phone: 503-297-6682.
Book: Want A New, Better, Fantastic Job? How To Find Satisfying Work In This Topsy-Turvy World, 2nd ed., by Pam Gross and Peter Paskill, CareerMakers Press, Portland, Oregon ©2001.

The Vocare Group
The Vocare Group call themselves "Career Discovery Specialists." Their book Soul Mapping takes you through a journey to discover who you are and then helps you integrate and implement the results of the book's exercises into your life.
Book: Soul Mapping: An Imaginative Way to Self Discover, by Nina H. Frost, Dr. Kenneth C. Ruge, & Dr. Richar W. Shoup, Marlowe & Company, New York, ©2000.
This is the website that goes along with Richard Bolles best-seller book, What Color is Your Parachte?. The website is divided in to two main sections: a Net Guide and a library of articles by the author and other people on the subject.
Book: What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers, by Richard Bolles, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA, updated regularly. Phone: 1-800-841-2665.

Salary Surveys

While not a comprehensive listing of salary survey sites, these are good places to start. The sites listed here are all free. Others (such as Salary Source provide fee-based resources. The first two sites are my favorites.

State of California's JobStar
This site has links to over 300 salary surveys, including profession-specific salary surveys.

Wall Street Journal's Career Journal Salary and Hiring Info
This site provides snapshots of salary data for forty industries and job functions. Information for most industries is available by region and years of experience. The site also has hiring trends, negotiation techniques, and a salary calculator.
Besides sslary information, this site has news, a forum, and a section for Human Resources professionals.

America's Career InfoNet Wages & Trends
This site provided both broad and detailed salary information by industry, state and region. The home site has U.S. Labor Department grant funding and has links to to most state employment agencies..

Salary Calculator: Relocation, Cost of Living, Real Estate
Use this site if you are thinking of relocating.

OLMIS Wage & Salary Conversion Calculator
For those focusing on the Oregon job market, check out the Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS) wages and income section that includes a salary calculator.

The Riley Guide: Salary Guides
Besides having links to lots of salary survey informaiton, the site covers how to evaluate salary data, stock options as compensation, and evaluating & negotiating job offers.

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews

The Riley Guide: Resumes and Cover Letters
This guide's sections are: Help With Your Resume, Preparing Your Resume for the Internet & Posting it Online, Q's & A's about Posting Your Resume, Places to Post; Free Resume Databases, Fee-Based Resume Databases, and A Different Kind of Rejection Letter.

Rebecca Smith's eResumes & Resouces
Although this site publicizes and sells Smith's book on the subject, it also provides a lot of very good, very basic information on writing an online resume. It also describes how to turn your personal web pages into a portfolio, and has links to a number of job market research tools.

Robert Half Career Center
This site has an excellent section on resume writing, how to get ready for an interview, do's and don'ts, and other career information.

General Job and Career Sites

The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet
This is one of the oldest, most comprehensive, and most respected employment guides on the web. It's sections are Prepare to Search; Resumes & Cover Letters; Target & Research; Execute a Campaign; Job Listings (by industry, occupation, meta-site, and more); Network, Interview, & Negotiate; Salary Guides; and For Recruiters.
This is one of the oldest and largest job listings sites.

Hot Jobs

Manpower Professional

Health Care Careers

The Networked Librarian Job Search Guides
Job and career opportunities for information professionals.


Addecco International

Kelly Services

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