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December 10, 1996 Meeting
Browser Wars: Selected Bibliography

CNET reviews: comparative reviews - Netscape vs Microsoft round 3
IE comes out on top for Windows users. This review covers look and feel, html support, extensibility, speed, intranet, mail and news, groupware, platform support, security, multimedia, and the future.

Scout Toolkit Web Browser Overview
Brief discussion of browser differences with citations to hard copy articles.

Pissant's Pit: Netscape Navigator VS Micrsoft Internet Explorer
A brief comparison by feature.

What Else/ Editorial. Microsoft Internet Explorer versus Netscape Navigator
Personal and anti-Microsoft reviews.

Winner Takes all
TIME Magazine, September 16, 1996 Volume 148, No. 13
by Joshua Cooper Ramo
This is mainly an article about Bill Gates and his war with Netscape, complete with quotes from military and political tacticians.

PC makers allege Microsoft used pressure tactics
PC Week, August 22, 1996
Article forces on Microsoft tactics in making Internet Explorer dominant web browser.

Browsers at the Crossroads
PC Magazine, October 26, 1996
This review of browsers puts Netscape Navigator on top for web users, but Internet Explorer wins for web developers. This set of articles covers end-user features, next browser generation, webmaster features, developers platforms, performance tests, collaboration tools, and mail and news.

How Latest Browsers Really Differ
Web Week, October 23, 1996
by Ellis Booker
This article uses data derived from Netscape's and Microsoft's own information. It says that the important differences fall into six areas: Platforms supported, component software, scripting languages, security, HTML tags and collaborative tools.

Netscape to Continue to Dominate Browser Market Says New Report
Mercury Mail: CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/
Netscape Communications will continue to dominate the browser marketplace for years to come according to a new 250-page report from Communications Industry Researchers, Inc., (CIR).

Browser Wars Rage
Information Week, August 12, 1996, Issue: 592
by Jason Levitt
Very brief article on release of MS Internet Explorer, pointing out that Internet Explorer is taking a while in getting out versions for anything but Windows.

Browser Wars:Why Microsoft Will Whip Netscape -- Internet Explorer is poised to take a big bite out of Navigator's browser market share
NetGuide, November 01, 1996, Issue 311
by Scott Bourne
Bourne says the issue isn't about which browser is better, but about who will win: Microsoft. Featurewise, IE is better. More early Web adopters use Netscape Navigator, because they started with it, but they are beginning to view Netscape as being as arrogant and hard to deal with as Microsoft.

Netscape vs. Microsoft: It's War
Windows Magazine, November 01, 1996, Issue: 711
by Jim Forbes
This brief article talks about the legal and press salvos being fired by Microsoft and Netscape at each other.

Study:Explorer Gains Ground on Navigator
Communications Week, October 14, 1996, Issue: 633
by Jeffrey Schwartz and John Evan Frook
This brief article talks about Microsoft's increasing share of the browser market. It also discusses how different studies show different shares of the market for each browser.

RTOS vendors stage their own Web fight
EETimes, September 30, 1996, Issue: 921
by Bernard Cole
Leaving Microsoft Corp. and Netscape Communications Corp. to battle it out for dominance of the end-user market, companies such as Spyglass Inc. which provides the commercial version of the original Mosaic browser, are as omnipresent in the embedded world as the other two hope to be on the desktop.


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